Monopoly Slots is an online slot machine available at Ladbrokes Games and William Hill Games.

It’s a no-download game, which means that users can play it directly in their web browser with little fuss as you can see below. Users can play Monopoly Slots for real cash if you reside in a supported jurisdiction. Sorry US players, you can only play for fun.

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Monopoly Slots is based on the classic board game by Parker Brothers. Monopoly Slots is quite different, but it does manage to capture much of the essence of the original board game. It even includes the graphics and playing pieces you’re familiar with, and the main bonus game even uses a streamlined version of the actual board.

Monopoly Slots: The Details

Monopoly Slots uses a 5-reel 3-row configuration with nine pay lines. The machine allows 1-5 coins per line, and the player can bet on just one line or all nine. A maximum bet, which is five coins on each of the nine pay lines, is 45 coins. A player can cover all bet lines with a minimum bet of nine coins. Monopoly Slots has a wild symbol and a bonus feature but no scatter symbol or progressive jackpot. The top jackpot is 25,000 coins, and coins generally range from 1-25 dollars.

Monopoly Slots Paytable


How to Play

Monopoly Slots is a rather straightforward play, and it doesn’t have any auto-play features and the like. The player simply selects which lines are active, chooses the coin size, dictates the coins per line, and then clicks spin. Note that there’s only one coin setting for all active lines, so you can’t play two coins on one and three on another, or play coins of different sizes. There’s also a Free/Cash button, which allows people with real-money accounts to switch back and forth between the real and arcade mode.

When you start Monopoly Slots for the first time or reset the machine, it will ask you to pick a playing piece from the classic board game. Only one piece is in play at a time, and you win extra cash whenever three or more of those pieces land on a bet line. Note that no piece has better odds than another does, so just choose whichever piece you prefer or feel is lucky.

Bonus Features

Monopoly Slots has two distinct bonus games, both of which have their own bonus symbols and activate in different ways. The main bonus feature resembles the classic board game, and it activates when three dice symbols appear on any active pay line in any order. The player chooses one of the dice, the die spins, and the number it lands on determines the number of throws for that bonus game.

Monopoly Slots Bonus Features



The goal of this bonus game is to travel around the board picking up prizes whenever you land. Each time the piece passes go the multiplier increases by one to a maximum of x5. That multiplier applies to every cash prize won when landing on a location. The player gets 1-6 rolls and takes whatever prize money he or she accumulates during those 1-6 throws.

The second bonus is the community feature. Whenever three community card symbols appear on the board, regardless of their location, the community bonus activates. The player selects a card, the card reveals a number, and the game then applies that number as a multiplier to any current winnings.

Note that due to the bonus features, it is better to spread coins out to achieve more active bet lines. In other words, it is more profitable long term to put one coin on each bet line rather than put four coins on just two bet lines.

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